Founder | CEO


Ezekiel Wheeler

He named his daughter Senna. His idea of a perfect weekend getaway with his baby mama is a trip to Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca and he has a strange love affair with pre-war era cars. Having spent time at the Art Center College of Design studying Transportation Design, Ezekiel then joined the world of Automotive Journalism at European Car Magazine. Shortly after his stint there, he took on start up digital publications like Petrolicious and Ride Apart. Feeling a touch burned out, he decided to reinvigorate his passion in automobiles by taking a seven week tour of Europe visiting every automotive destination he could. Returning from his whirl-wind tour, Ezekiel then took on the world of Automotive PR working for ASG Renaissance representing Jaguar Land Rover North American. The emerging competition of start-up electric vehicle manufactures lured him away to work with Faraday Future as they developed their vision of the future. Today, his daily grind is contributing to the team at MullenLowe working on Acura National and Regional advertising.  



Leonard Mayorquin
Photography | Car Scout

A gentle giant with a passion for 80's Mercedes-Benz relics along with attending every single cars and coffee event you think twice about attending. Leonard has earned a reputation for knowing where strange cars hide and the more desirable ones lurk. He'll never miss an opportunity to learn more about what he's found.


Zack Williams

Creative Director | Photography

Never one to pass up a dare, Zack competes at the highest levels even if it's just office ping-pong. While he lives for playing baseball he thrives by creating compelling naratives. What makes it all the more satisfying is that he's one insane automotive junky as well. Oh, he also has an affinity for motorcycles as well.

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Andrew Maness

Photography | Podcast

Part Ricky Bobby, part James Haunt, Andrew Maness is a Venice, CA based writer and photographer who is always chasing a good story. Don’t start a conversation with him that you can’t finish and don’t assume he likes the musical stylings of Phish just because he’s from Vermont.
He doesn’t.