#4 - September 2017


Four events in and we are attracting even more unique venues, cars and owners. This month we set our sights on Culver City, CA at the Platform LA. To be more specific, the rooftop of their parking garage that overlooks the entire Los Angeles valley. To the West, Santa Monica, just slightly North East you can see the Hollywood sign and due east is the Downtown Los Angeles skyline.

Not to mention partnering with Blue Bottle Coffee for free cold brew and those lucky early birds with custom orders made the trip wroth while for many. If you stayed long enough, you even had the chance to enjoy brunch with The Cannibal Restaurant who whipped up a custom muddled strawberry and tequila cocktail to get a jump start on the day. Juice Served Here stepped up and offered discounts ALL DAY for those who needed to scratch the shopping itch on the Platform property. 

Our theme this month was “Dawn of an Era”, vehicles that shift the perception of performance. That could apply to past, present and even the future. So we curated a few oldies but goodies, an Audi URQuattro and a BMW M3 E30, along with a few forward thinking tuners, Unplugged Performance’s fully custom Tesla Model S and Zelectric’s fully restored and converted classic EV Bug. Check out our live recorded podcast for interviews with each feature car owner.

A few unexpected surprises turned up as well, such as, Rod Emory and his Porsche 356 Coupe, Derick Whitacre’s “Punk Rock” Porsche 911 Turbo and even a crew of stanced W124 Mercedes Wagons rolled in deep and snapping necks.

Up next is DTLA again and this time we’re pulling out all the stops. October will be forever known as our FINAL SHOW… for our first “season” that is. Keep an eye on Instagram (@autoconduct) for all the details and previews of our feature cars.

A little hint as to what we are cooking up… “Shadow and Light”.

Ezekiel Wheeler