#14 - March 2019

Auto Conduct Art Center Gear Head Society Sketch Brawl and Car Show

We do it for the kids. Primarily the kids that sometimes need to remember, even during the final weeks of a semester at Art Center, that their chosen path of profession means something to them emotionally. So, we deiced to pull a few cars and custom rigs that would help spark a little more inspiration in the students to stay the course and enjoy their time. Who knows, one day a car they design could be our next feature car.

The Art Center Gear Head Society put on one hell of a Sketch Brawl battle between 8 students who endured three rounds of time constrained design tasks. The first, was a cybernetic prothetic, the second was a mechanical body suite and the last was to envision the future Roborace autonomous race car. They did not disappoint! Oh, did we mention that the students couldn’t use digital tools to create their concepts. Everything was created the old school way… pen, paper and an idea.

Ezekiel Wheeler